starting over

Is there something left behind?
A room was looked around again.
Dirt is left on the floor.
A room is being tidy.
The memory is not go away.
Stain on a closet. Dear are worried.
The scene was reset.
It's already ok, isn't it?
The light was put out.
A door was closed. And I locked.
I have greeted and have turned my back.
A foot step sounds awfully.
I really hate to say good bay.
Before I drive a car. I looked up at a window.
It was the state waving the hand.
A curtain shook. It was left.
I looked down by the shadow of the sun.
The car was dusty with a lot of baggage.
Crying and laughing.
Will there be something left behind any more?
Then please go.
Sky keeps changing evermore.
Time keeps passing evermore.
Why are you crying?
I'll return here sometime. Certainly.


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