The breathing is quiet unexpectedly.
A shoulder is very light.
I think last night is false.
The foot steps on stairs.
The hand grasps a door.
Shiver stopped.
It's as usual. A morning comes. I wait for night.
The sky. A room. A song and voice.
My mother. My father. My family. A friend.
That wasn't remembered.
It's changed into suitable clothes.
I smoke. I hear my favorite music.
The engine of a car is started.
Let's get going.
There is nothing to defend.
I ran away.
Loneliness was fine for me.
No one has to feel sad.
The both hands extended to the sky.
A wind is called.
My back was pushed.
You say nothing.
Do you wait for night? I worry.
Do you say a word to the telephone?
The song in the middle of making.
I'll bring this there.
30 meters of sky.
Till the ground is five seconds more.


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