The Beat Goes on

作詞G.Love & Jeft "Houseman" clemens
作曲G.Love & Jeft "Houseman" clemens
Why you gotta be like that
I don't like your tactics
When I go to outer space,I'm intergalactic
When I see the stars, you know I shoot for the moon
I'll see you real soon, like a maybe in June

When I drive a car, I drive a'63 Nova
Cop flashed his lights, so I had to pull over
Don't like ***,so I'm not a snow blower
Smokin' lots of ***, just like a lawn mower

At the super market, I'm very very picky
When I drive a car, it's got to be from the 60's
Just like Fritz the cat, hip huggers and flairs
I'm down with Woolworth's but not with Sears

The beat goes on

You may have heard this song before from Sonny and Cher
I'm going for mine and they're going for theirs
My head is kinda greasy with my afro-like hair
I'm down with Ranger Smith,Boo Boo, Yogi the bear

When he plays the bass, you know he gets in a stance
Got a new sweater, but the same old pants
Gum on his shoe, so he got new sneakers
Plays the bass so good, you know he always blows the speakers

I drive around the world makin' funky Philly music
DJ give me love, cause I certainly can use it
From Tokyo, Newcasue,London,Paris, Milan and Spain,
Honolulu, Amarillo, then we do it all

When I met G.Love I didi'nt have no money
I like to drink chomomille tea with honey
I walk on the side of the street that's sunny
I keep going and going like the energizer bunny

Goes on-the beat goes on

The best part of my day is when I'm maxin in the tub
I like to play my music then get a body rub
After my massage you know I feel so soothed
I like the guy with the nice ass and the good groove

Hey yo! When I was a kid I was selling lemonade
Now I'm seling nothing and I'm still getting paid
My stock is growing steady like the drink Coca-Cola
I'm sure to share my cookie if I think that I know ya

The last part of the song we should sing it together
I'll be kickin' funky drum beats forever and ever
I ain't scared of nothing so I never say never
Like Muhammad All you know I'm light as a feathe


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