作曲Hi-Time, Danny
Memories all the cities I've been through
Memories all the peeps I've been through
Memories NY/BK I've been through
All the memories we can't forget it soon

I just remember the time which my life was all made up together
I took G train to prospect park I used to living out 145 lincoln
road where
Jamaican,Caribbean were my neighbor i ain't see no Harley or Ravers
However every labor day people comin'to the check and cash for occasion
When I passed through the domino players
where main man Mike he was always there
What's up son? Gimme a nickel for god sake
That's the BK It smells back in the air


New York New York from cities to cities
Franklyn Avenue,Flatbush,and Prospect
Church Ave,(big up),Dekalb,(big up),Bedstuy,(big up),Brooklyn,(big up)
Survive da hungry 字にすると大変そうけど
実りある eveyday 悲壮感ゼロ
地下鉄の wheel 音ガタンゴトン
帰宅 AM3:00俺は働く男
作業着 T-shirt と二軍落ちしたスニーカー
テメェを頼りに HIPHOP 一辺倒
late night Brooklyn 二人の異邦人
俺を支えてくれたあの日の recording
tough time doesn't last tough people doesNY,NY I just drop the verse


Steam あげるマンホール肌を刺す寒さ思えば何もかもが plus になった
N.Y.C Peace to all 5 boorough,the place raised us up da 第二の故郷


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