I Love You

作詞Wa Wa
作曲David Tao
I love you, say we're together baby, you and me

I can only give my life, and show you all I am
in the breath I breath,
I will promise you my heart
and give you all you need if it takes some time

And if you tell me you don't need me anymore
that our love won't last forever, no!
I will ask you for a chance to try again
to make our love a little better, oh

I love you, say we're together baby
Say we're together, oh
I need you, I need you forever baby
You and me

You said you hardly know exactly who I am
so hard to understand
I knew right from the start
All the way I felt inside if you read my mind

Remember when you used hold me
Remember when you made me cry
You said you'd love me
Oh you did, yes, you did


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