P!NK masquerade.

Paint. Paint. Dye it to pink.
The secret of the masquerade.

月の端をなぞって InvitationのKiss. boom it,,,,Ah.
恍惚に嗤う How we do My baby, It's a show time!

Hey bounce me! Give hot stimulation to me.
Hey scary? Go easy on to say die.
What garbage! 無垢な悪でdress up, and make up, let's stand up
焦らさないで そう

Gonna B"FREE" Anything goes 奪いつくすわ
Glossily! Can you do? 闇にくちづけ
To nobility! like the eat. あたしの色に 染めてあげてやるわ

Why not be more optimistic? 遊び足りないの
Are you with me still, now?

Gonna B"FREE" Anything goes 思うが侭
Glossily! Can you do? The meaning of nothing.
To nobility! like the eat. あたしの色に 染めて

既製品の価値観で 善人気取りstupid
純度の高い快楽の波に 溺れさせてMr.


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