Redemption In Your Eyes

作詞Dieter Bernert, Torsten Ihlenfeld, Milan Loncaric
作曲Dieter Bernert, Torsten Ihlenfeld, Milan Loncaric
the future hides your history. when it comes to
the end. like a dream, it fades away. you're too
tried to defend. you stood there waiting for the
dawn. searching inside your haunted soul. the
brightest light will shine so strong. you better do
what you've been told. i see your soul got torn
spart. i seal the pain in your heart. stay alive and
close your eyes. as you fall from the sky. your soul
is lost, the hope has died. let the stars be your
guide. i see redemption in your eyes. your flesh
and soul are only mine. to search for answers I
can't find. i had to do it by myself. you gave me
love, you gave me hell. these wounds are bleeding
my love for you. damned to the end, it's coming
through. tortured and tangled, i still remain.
heaven's burning once again. again your soul
got torn apart. i'll seal the pain in your heart.


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