Fire Walk With Me

作詞Dieter Bernert, Torsten Ihlenfeld, Milan Loncaric
作曲Dieter Bernert, Torsten Ihlenfeld, Milan Loncaric
as fire hits the corner of your mind. where illu-
sions reflect and dreams collide. you never do
anything in between. but the fear you hide burns
here within. your charred and darkened soul,
burned by the flame. it's bursting out in rage and
all in your own name. fire in the middle, fire to
your soul. you know what it means. you're
damned to flames. fire is (no) salvation, closing in
on me. nothing will remain. i'm on fire... so walk
with me. fire consumes and annihilates. fire
sheds light and warms your hate. you're walking
into realms of the light. it heats up your fear until
you can clear your mind. as you reveal the truth of
your inner views. you surely won't regret the self
respect you lose.


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