Church Nite

It's the way I came up
All through the week,
every night was a church night
If you wanna come around,
Pack your bags cause we must go there
And it ain't no shame,
It's part of my game
Believin' in his name
So if you call from the mall
And want me to meet ya,
I gotta listen to the preacher first

Tuesday night is rehearsal,
Wednesday bible study
Thursday I'm meeting with the band
Friday evangelistic on Sunday here we go

If you wanna go hang,
we might be delayed
For me to get my praise on
So that I can stay strong
It's all at church tonight

And if you're goin' to the game,
You might have to wait
For me to get my dance on
It might not even take long
I'm goin' to church tonight

Even when I'm at school,
It's runnin' through my head
That I'm so grateful
The reason that I'm so happy,
He's been so good to me
While I live my dream
I have a bunch of things,
To tell you what He means to me
I truly know that I'm blessed
I don't take it for granted
I'm gonna praise Him
every chance that I get

It gives me what I need
When I'm a little stressed out from my finals
(I can go and let loose when I thank you)
And when they're hatin' on me,
'Cause I got it goin' on
It's what you can't really get at home
Nobody has to make me dance
Or make me clap my hands (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Nobody has to make me pray
Or make me give him praise

I hated it cause mommy hit me at the wrong time,
Tellin' me "you had a short time
To get my hind-parts down the stairs"
So we could share in the car
Which was parked in the driveway,
Headed for the highway
Aimed at the steeple
where the people made an unbelievable sound
And the keyboards under the sweet organ,
Where the deacons & greeters
was meetin' the seekers at the door
With arms open wide sayin' gimme some more


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