Time Goes By

作詞五十嵐充, 英語詞:Amy Sky
Wow wow wow...

What we've got here and now - we never see
What we hold - we don't know until it's gone
You were mine for a while but I let you go
How could I be so blind I'll never know

Wow wow wow...

You were fire I was ice we were sun and fog
Day and night we would fight like a cat and dog
But every time you would leave I would miss you so
I can't live with you here but I can't let you go

Yeah just a tender word or just a gentle touch
Would have a meant a lot - and might have saved our love
We could share endless nights - and teach the stars to shine
But alone we lie - with our stubborn pride

And as time goes by - we might learn how to bend
And as time goes by - my love for you won't end
And as time goes by - as time goes by - I'll see you smile again
As time goes by

Little words little lies and little wounds
Day by day night by night got out of hand
All the games that you played I know too well
Only one who plays them too can understand

Oh peacefulness and truth is all I want from you
But somehow there's too high a price to pay
No happiness for us - no tenderness and trust
We are so close - but still so far away

And as time goes by - a faded photograph
And as time goes by - though the frame is cracked
And as time goes by - as time goes by - we'll look back and laugh
As time goes by

Everybody hurts and everybody learns
That's just the heart's desire
Baby where there's smoke you just might get burned
Love is like a fire - baby

And as time goes by - if we should meet again
And as time goes by - I don't know where or when
And as time goes by - as time goes by -maybe we'll be friends
Wow wow wow


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