Coke is it!'86 夏

アーティスト坪倉唯子 楠木勇有行
踊りに行こうよ You and Me
今夜は特別 Summer Night
You are my boy
火傷したって 平気よ
You are my girl
走るこころ 止まらない

Hey! Everybody, gather round and
hanging downtown
Be a part of this happening on those
summer nights
Eveything will be so cool
So join us, boy and girls
Let us try, 'cause, it's so nice with Coca-Cola!

眩しいあの娘に(こ)She Rocks & Rolls
Coke is you
さわやかなEveryday Everynight
Coke is me
Yah! Yah! Coke is you
Yah! Yah! Coke is me
Ah! Coke is it!


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