"I love the way I am and can't nobody out here change me"

Good morning Vietcom I'm back, hello, it's me again, is it me
you're looking for, or the perfect beat, tweet leet leet, I'm fresh
I come clean, but I can't whistle, ps I'm only buggin', while No
dug in the crates, I dug in my nose and picked a rhyme, any
rhyme, I don't have any time to waste, I'm hip, don't even trip.
I.D. 's a travel agent, so now we fly for free, you want some fire
free then buy from me. I got the flame like U.I.C. but I be from
U.A.C. some of the illest chillest cats you may see in your life if
you get one, rappers are like jobs to me because they get done
Here it comes, I'm as able as Kane to get raw that's why the
DJ's mix me I'm gonna bust Dixie, this is not the bomb so save
all your threats, I'm good to go and also I'm "retz", rhymes I
wrecks affects the ruffnecks down to the preps in the polos to
studs with froes, hoes with weaves the ball-headed to dreaded
to folks with butters, high rollers with rollers, players with
plaits, studs with stocking caps, I be rockin' raps til I collapse,
niggas play my tape about as much as they do craps, I'm on
point I silo, I see high - high c, I'm free at last I'm a free-man,
free as world B. like an early bird I'm special, oooh aint that
special as Ed or Vesta so to myself I say congratulations, I'm
glad you had the patience cause this is me


What's up scony rony, I'm that bony homey from Stony, you know
me off G.P. brothas see me on the T.V. talking Take it EZ and
they were like he aint hardcore, but hardcore is far more than
bats and gats, it stems back to the rootsof being true, what I
look like talking about some shit I aint do, I aint shoot nobody
I aint shank nobody, I aint kill nobody, it wasn't us it was them
The warriors I'm a warrior but I don't have to show gun and no
one can tell me how to be, cause I'm a be me, alight cause I'm
a Man, check it


Sometimes, sometimes I get a good feeling, when I'm chilling at
the flat looking at the wall, wondering can I come off of it, I'm
off a bit, on the mic I be talkin' shit, but some say my talk don't
make no sense, I'm trying to make dollars, my mama told me to
go to school and be a scholar, but school and for me, so don't
even go there, I'm coming out of nowhere to go where, probably
in about 7 years, I won't have no hair, not only am I a hairclub
president, I'm also a client, I come off like a toopay, I still have
2 pay 2 pc, dark, a raider that never lost the arch on his shot,
but now when I shoot rock I be all out of breath, my boyardee
"mo" wanted to be a chef, but he went down south and fell in
love, call me love, cause love is gonna getcha, I'm a getcha, I'
m like B.J., my arm is strong and I stretch a style from East to
West all across the country I'm like that big fat woman cause
cats want to bump me, I probably would get bumped more if I
was a gangsta, but I am a gangsta call me the gangsta of love
call me love, I love my Mama, I love my music, I love myself, I
love you and you love me this is I'm out


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