CHORUS: scratch
Here's a little story that must be told

I got so much trouble on my mind
So I take time out my day
To pray and say, now I lay me down to sleep
Hopin' that I keep my soul
Cause peep, it's a cold cold world
And I aint even got a bomber
Livin' with my mama
It's the same routine
Keep my room clean
I'm lookin' ta do some new things
But aint shit to do
I'm twenty two catch
In the prime of my life
I got no time for a wife
I funnel through the tunnel disgruntled tryin' to find me some light
In the realm of darkness I too sing
I may not be the darkest brother
But I was always told to act my age, not my color
Not knowin' that my color, was that of the original
So now I sing the new negro spiritual
It goes

Get up stand up, stand up for your right
Get up stand up, don't give up the fight

It's like, how can you understand the pain
When you never had to stand under the rain
When it rains it pours and it's about to come down hard
Thank God I found you


As I walk down the road of existence
I get resistance from all angles
I tangle for cash, hopin' it'll last til the end of the week
But all I eat is fast food
And you know how junk food goes right through you
So I return to the arab
And on the way back
I stop and the liquor store
And grab me a six pack
Knowin' that once I'm through with that I'll be back
To get some more
Cause once I get started I don't wanna stop, ah
And I can't turn around
Brew, I can't turn it down
Ironically, I turn it up
My liver I burn it up
My life I live it up
The cup, I gotta give it up

One day I'm cruisin' down a one way street
And I done passed fun day three blocks ago
In itself life is an obstacle
As I maneuver through the manure and try to be responsible
I want a job, but I aint lookin' (How come?)
I aint tryin' to degrade myself bein' nobody's calvin
I'm a couch bum, and what makes it bad
I had incentive, but that disintegrated to a state that stagnated
I procrastinated
I can't recall a day without being intoxicated or blowed
I'm dealin' with a full deck and any day I could fold
What makes it bad, I wasn't dealt that bad a hand
And I had a plan
But things didn't go through
The way they were supposed to
Thank God, I found you


It's like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder
How I keep from going under
I ponder and try to keep my concentration
On this idiotic nation
They say become a doctor
But I don't have the patience
Adjacent to that situation
I want an occupation that I'm into
Cause if I begin to
Live to my potential
I went to
School for fourteen years and my best teacher was experience
I reminisce and wish
I could go back in time
To '89 when there was just sunshine


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