On the goodship lollipop pop goes the lolli lolli
Cause I'm the jolly good fellow, hello
Is anybody there I'm not a step, so don't stare
Because I rockwell I always feel like
Somebody's watching me ooh Somebody's watching
It's got to be that nigga thats sweatin my suck
Black get off zack your blockin my urilal track
I gotta go P.P. you don't know me
Your just a New Kid on my jock tip synking and a phony
It's my little pony and you can not get a ride
So when you see me home just please just step aside
Step aside not talking wlid side I'm coming
From the southside, where the roughnecks reign
If you can't stand it don't go outside
Cause inside I got the stuff to call your bluff and pull your
The card and nowadays it's all these dickheads
That wanna be hard, you're fraudulent I can
Tell a pussy by his scent, so sorry but the van
got tint, and outshow I'm looking out for my people
I'm fly I'm fly like an eagle
Me be the beetle with the juice how far would you go
But you never gonna get it woo woo woo
You wasn't down from the jump so why you wanna Kris Kross
You have no business bond insecure junkyard M.F. get lost
Cause you's a sucka

We really lucky we got 'em you can spot 'em from
a clistance now let's just say for instance
You gotta a crank getting qauk for his bank
By some stank little wench was you is or is you ain't
A sucker, got be got be to let this shit occur
Getting pimped by, a hoe that ain't too proud to beg for you
Joe, she got your mo'money mo money mo money money mo
I couldn't go out like that if it was your first day off
Punishment, just call me K-O peetall in relationship
I'm running shit, so don't be coming to me with that
We can go out you pay, cancel that bitch it's the un american
way, this is the circumcision and skins is getting cut off
Riding on my shit just to get they nut off, Not
No Cabbs just blow jobs wanna lick
But if ya aint down with the Van Dyke get off the dick
Cause I remember the time the time you tried to play
Like I was booty but now you're just a groupie
Sweatin me uh sweatin uh
Tellin me when I get big don't be forgetting me uh
But forget you, forgot you, after, I rock you
It's blow pop time bitch you better set you clock to the churms

Why did the sucka M.C. crossthe road to get to the others
I got the pep in my step the slide in my glide so I won't
slip, trip, when I let my backbone slip
Some shake it to the east some shake it west
Well I'm a shake it mid, and I'm a get you sucky
Give me one rib and one rib, I barbecue the
Mouse, cause Mom always said don't play wack in the house
So take that garbage to the backyard
And now it's like everybody wanna rap hard
Before you wasn't hard core so why ya flip
How ya gonna hop when you aint hip
You found rap on a two way street and lost it on a pop
I aint saying no names Rico Suave
Fuckin goones fakling stab wounds I need to shank the
Crank Elvis Presley, Jr. trying to be something that you light
Ain't no doubt you are hoes you go on stage and take off
All your clothes then you strike a pose
You know I know that how you sell your record
Because your shit is butt you gotta get naked
But your wack your wack showing your body to me
You got no soul man and you can't get around
Cause you aint really down


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