I'm as bad bad as Leroy Brown
I'm a pro pro but not a noun noun
If you got beef beef you'll get ground
Cut up a soul by the pound
I'm goin' downtown like Julie Brown I'm the
Roundmound, not a rebound but like a hound I get down
Never wore a lease but I'm a show how loose is my goose
Got more soul than combat boots. (I GOT SOUL)
That's why I came
They keep calling me they call my name
Ese. I can't give it give it away now
Say when, Say what or say how
Ok between me and you it's this white rap
I got the power and I just might snap
Bom bom bom bom...
Think fast cause I'm the Ramadan
Hoy hee hoy hee I'm fat boy
Shibee dibbe do bee I be the bad boy
Having a party but I'm not a democrat
Spoil as a child but now I'm milk like similak
Don't have cinemax because my cables pirated
Bug out with the rhyme try to swat and I'mll get fly with it
For pest control I suggest some soul
As far as dick I got but I have no breath control
So give me a T.O. baby like my man Chris Weber
I got myself together
Now I'm straight are you straight if you're straight
Then I'm straight, rock me tonight
Just for old time sake

Roll to the rock rock to the roll
Can't no A&R tell me that I ain't got soul
Comeon can I get a clap can't you see I'm trapped
And I'm so confused, dues are getting paid
But what about the bills I wanna make some dough
Yet I wanna show my skills
Do you even know where I'm going
I ain't afraid of you muthafuc... but I am of the omen
I jam like a cult make note I'm not Koresh
I control minds with rhymes so F.B.I. don't test
I got a #2 pencil
And I'll scribble all over your face
See I don't pack no gat
I didn't see CB4 cause I heard that shit was wack
Like Chris I rock I'm strap like mu jock
Peace to NO I.D. and my nigga Y-NOT
Whippy look at me I'm hipper than a hippy chick
Flyer than the flew so ill MC's say you make me sick
Well go see the doctor in your car rock my tune
With a Boom Chaka lock lock Boom
I fire on a cracker Pow watch where the sparks went
Fatter than Dre a lover like ED. super as Clark Kent
So give me the lane Lois as I change flows without
A booth and like hide this shit like woof
The roof is fire, it's not an L.A. riot
I got more ho ho ho's than the jolly green giant
Large as the professor I'm never faking funk ak
Fat as heavy metal yet harder than punk rock
So take me to a land I know not too far away
I got skills like Tim and I'm coming in a Harderway
So keep the crossover COMMON is a B-Boy
While you be draggin last I be kickin like Bruce Leroy
Sho-nuff I got the stuff that tops the stove
And I'm about to explode
Who was that masked kid that's what you asked kid
Peteweestroe, cut-throat, Lonnie or Rashid
But oh no this is COMMON on a promo
Coming from Chica but yo I got to go go
The GO!


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