I'm Easy, Easy like Sunday Morning
I can kick a stupidly nervous joint when I'm yawning
AW-YAWN! COMMON is coming with the Oh Excuse me
Elizabeth this a big one I'm mean a dousy
Doogie Howser you see I'm like Bowser
Kickin it with the Sha Na Na
The T-shirts and the trousers
How's the family ties
I'm blessed with a gift open it up surprise!
Big Mac, Filet O'Fish, Quarterpounder, Frenchfries
Icey coke, thick shake Sunday's and apple pies
AND THE CUP not that's enough of that
I'm like an Indian giver yo gimmie that back
Come in again bring back selector
Me be the thoroughbred so use your head play the trifector
COMMON infector smuck emcee
Heads up you better duck what the fuck it's me


COMMON is coming soon to a theater near you
To the U.A.C. crew nuff respect due
Do I do when I do where I do
I do... do it on the ease tip

I be kickin with the dope da dope rhyme ah!
I'm trippin and dippin and slippin with the rhyme like slimer
Who your gonna call Ghostbuster
I'm peteweestroe WHAT UP PETEY and I'm just a
Hustler I tried to scheme for a sec
But the wrecker got wrecked trying to write a bad check
So I check myself before self got buck
Wild trying to live foul I had to fluctuate
To a state and matriculate
Yo I had to elevate you can tell it great cause I'm straight
Off 87 of South side of Chicago
'Cause I want go follow me everywhere that I go
And I know I aint did nothin
The dicks be thinking I'm just some little trick kid frontin
U.A.C. got my back if there's any contact
In the back is a short from that slop its on cat
And it's fat sort a like oprah before she loss weight
I put my rhymes in good hands hay like All-State
And I'm all in a state of easmophobia
I'm the spiderman giving bug emcees anarachnophobia
Holey Moley ah I'm totally awesome
Survey says I'm kissin more skins than Richard Dawson
But I won't catch mono or no type of disease
Cause when I flex for sex I do it on the Ease tip

Wop bog bu lop bop wop bang boo!!
I'm a Dr. Pepper wouldn't you like to be a pepper too
Steppin through Yo lay he who
Wi wi my Cherie a come ta le ru
Contrare mo fraire Okay truth or dare
Is it true that I'm dope yeah!
Yes yall here we go a loopity loop to loop
Op hoola hoop to alley oop
To coop my gadget is magic but I'm not a Laker
I'm shakin, bakin, and takin cause I'm the backboard breaker
Almond thunder wonder twins deactivate
Told me my drawls are in my crack alright back to tapp
Time to activate and ejaculate
This is the period where I menustrate I meant to say demonstrate
I'm in a state where I had too much eight
Ball in the corner pocket count em bucket
Of chicken I'm finger lickin with a finger roll
A butter roll stutter roll I wa I wa I a soul
Of Komain my domain is infinite
You got trouble writing here's a gift certificate
To the hip hop shop so you can shop
For a starter kit you know the 1-2 and you don't stop
But the buck stops here buck aroo
You got your instructions now you know what todo


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