There's Only One Ariel

作詞Alan O'Day, Janis Liebhart
作曲Alan O'Day, Janis Liebhart
We Play games like other girls
We love to dress up in shells and pearls
But she's off in her own little world
There's only one Ariel

She's got the prettiest voice in the sea
But she's never here when she ought to be
She's the missing note in our harmony
You're late again, Ariel!

La,la,la, she's a dreamer
There's a far awav look in her eyes
La,la,la, have you seen her?
Swimming far too high
Where the ocean meets the sky
She brings stuff home from everywhere
Her room's mess
She doesn't care
There's hardly room for her in there
Clean it up, Ariel!

So if you're swimming in the sea one day
And a pretty little mermaid wants to play
We bet you'll know her right away
There's only one Ariel

There's onlv one Ariel


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