Momma feat.Megan Rochell

作詞D.Coles, L.Coppin, D.Matthews, S.Smith, D.Axelrod, E.Palmer
作曲D.Coles, L.Coppin, D.Matthews, S.Smith, D.Axelrod, E.Palmer
(Ghostface Killah)
This is for all my women that be going thru the struggle
On welfare, livin' the rough life, it's gonna be alright

Hustle each live and strugglin' survivin'
Never realizin' that you were a diamond
Through the sun or the rain
Through the pain, I'ma hold U down
(Hold U down)
Through the good and the bad times
(I got love for you)
Through the stress and the heartache
(So much love for you)

(Verse 1)
It's not a difference Boo
It's real Life
It's not your Momma's fault
It's your Father's fault
It's your Father's fault
Your Mother is an alcoholic
Confusing the brain from the booze and the pain
And plus he cheated on her, beated on her
Smack her dead in the rain
She lost her first child in '74 and that lead to nervous breakdown
Bacardi Dark she downing it raw
She can't take it, she constantly crying, falling down on her knees
Like help me lord please I'm ready to leave
All she needed was somebody to rub her feet
You put nice hugs
Rescue off from the streets come on


(Verse 2)
I was sent by an angel to snatch you up
Take you way above the clouds and back you up
At night you can lay in my arms feel the heart beaten
Don status in the sheets and keeping you warm
Ain't no nigga gone do what I do
I'm a take care you and your kids
Take the Bent and go handle your biz
The bills is paid, the cable's back on, I'll cook
You know the Cee's want there nigga lonely and on
I am not ashamed to sport you, floss you or gloss you out
Dior you out


(Verse 3)
You in the hood there's a struggle
My girl is in trouble Lacking
Guidance in her mind she blinded and puzzle
Her pops never showed her the ropes
Her moms raised mad kids on her own
She never had a strong man in her home

Nothing in this life, sun don't know, ain't shine
But it can't rain all the time
(Everything's gonna be alright)
Somebody sees you in pain
You will never hurt again
I see you Momma
I see you Momma
You can cry your eyes out
It'll be alright!!!


Through the pain and the bad times
Through the stress and the heartache...


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