作詞D.Coles, D.Dumile, L.Mizell
作曲D.Coles, D.Dumile, L.Mizell
Verse 1
A Yo I'm lost under water I see a pink door with a crystal handle
So I keep swimming amazed that I'm not drowning
Butterflies took control when I arrived
Opened the door no I knocked first
I'm not on my turf
I seen a ray of light that resembled live fireworks
Some mermaids with Halle Berry haircuts
Flashing their tail like follow me now don't be afraid
I'm going to show you where all the games and spirits pray
If you scared to face this life you should have stayed
So I kept on swimming grabbed onto her fin
To help me out as we got close
I seen a boat all shot up with its anchor out
Then she asked me politely what I'm thinking
I said nothing she said nothing leads nothing
If you feel me I bet this will bring that out
I seen rubies diamonds smothered under octopus
Jelly fish sharks saw a aqua blue pocketbook
Pearls on the mermaid girls
Gucci belts that they rocked for no reason from a different world
Up ahead lies Noah's Ark
But that's waves away you look to the right
That's one of our banging spas
She quoted I took notice Spongebob in the Bentley Coupe
Banging the Isleys he spoke back
Ducked and he passed me shoot
Seen his chick eyeing me hard he got vexed and smacked his boo
Took off continued my travels seen the rock from the Titanic
Looking fat and that wasn't damaged and then I seen something real big
Sky blue and gold with white walls behind a large city
That was lost before Christ walked the walk upon the waters
Its so bright every time we got close the mermaid held on tight
All I heard Allahu - hu - Akbar, Allah - hu - Akbar
Bismillahir Rahamanir Rahim
A large scream that we heard from up far
Everyone salatted and the world's bangest mosque got crowded in
With life that I can't explain they said sir yes I'm glad you came
Greeted me with Korans and Torahs prayed after that we said 'Amen'.


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