作詞D.Coles, S.Wallace, J.Fowlkes, R.Genger
作曲D.Coles, S.Wallace, J.Fowlkes, R.Genger
1st verse:
Ah didn't I tell you
Don't touch the size
Im Going hard on tip
You lucky you cool
Im a let it ride
Slide you play me so you can get paid
How you going to fuck up a don
And co-dog his fade
I look like U.T.F.O. one them dudes back in the days
The educated clappers
Housing your coconut spray
Barbershop niggas
Always wind up fucking around
One minute you hot
Next minute you not
Remind me of the New York Knicks
With the jumpshots
Ak whack as hell
My ratchet smell fuck up again
You have a funny smell
Or at least doing straight nails
Putting in base from bitches
Hundred dollar weaves
Some strings of horse hair

2nd verse:
Hands is shaking
My face is wet from all of this sweat
And out of breath
I tossed the burgundy tech
In the bushes where it landed
At the side of the Jets
I hope the pig don't find it
It'll fuck up my rep
I never lost a joint before
Before in the jungle
Im lieing in oath
And plus I never did w/big time before
They found crack and I told tem it wasn't mind before
But did I ever sell drugs
Not that I can recall
That's what you tell em in the ghetto jack
They like yo Jon we found your hat
Dont think they find the gat
Only thing they handing out is 6 to 12 flat
Blowing trial stressing your writing pap
Oh how you trying to give ti back its frustrating
These are the times and this is the block
If we all step out game up
Lesser kids get pop
These are words from a wordsmith
Im like Santa cocking the long 4 5th
Cause I shoot the gift
Everyday robbing and stealing
Seeing judges copping out killings
Conquering buildings everybody got a price to pay
Drug dealers fake preachers and priest
Boosting bitches and cons check out your president


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