DOGS OF WAR feat.Raekwon, Theodore Unit (Trife, Capadonna & Sun God)

作詞D.Coles, P.Phillips, D.Hills, C.Woods, T.Bailey, S.Stewart
作曲D.Coles, P.Phillips, D.Hills, C.Woods, T.Bailey, S.Stewart
Voice: Just keep away; go on, it's not your fight.
Ghostface: It's not yours, nigga, fall back, I'm about to blow something
out here, strait up. Yeah, this is a family thing. We gonna handle our
business and shit. These motherfuckers know not to come out like that,
this is real shit. Real talk! Four different niggas with four different
aspects nigga. this is family shit. Who the fuck said family ain't family no
more? This is tight shit, tighter than a white mans wallet nigga!

Verse 1
Ghostface: I flew niggas into Kingston. Labor Day and Memorial weekend,
we gave em a grown mans speech.
We 10 deep, we all fam, divided by 4, provided enough premonition to lie
to us all.
So fuck the feds and the essay, and don't tell your girl jack shit, you might
come home see her neck and back slit
Is she a wack bitch? I'll have niggas dicks cut off, nuts smashed up and
Slipping is drastic, phones is tapped, don't crack, we can control the map
with a gorilla format
Bring it back to NY, Europe China and back, if aint no problem with that,
we can be rolling with cash.
That's the most vestibule, we can invest in pulls, in big corners big festivals.
That's how I get down stay with famo, this Friday coming our first score;
we do it big in Orlando!

Verse 2
You know the fam what it is, it is what it is, x l y where the animals live.
Ass bent niggas run in your crib, I don't care if you blast me for the cash
then scramble your wig.
Im like damn what a wonderful kid, I could do what I want. Doing dirt, not
serving a bid. You know that real fam handle their biz, everybody get
searched from the grandpa down to the kids.
And my time, Im officially here, tell your man go and start up the cafrt
start switching the gears
Sun god, got the piff for his ears, you niggas is scared, hoping that I wont
let it blow at your ribs
I said hot, niggas get robbed non stop, once the gun copped, niggas strip
down to their socks.
My fam at the tippity top, I wont stop believe it or not you and your man
is close targets.
Jinx everything dice game in all markets, fam gonna spark it, I'm a take
whatever is in the pockets.
Mostly the cash in the wallet, slide off the jewels cause you shining,
briquettes and the diamonds! Never denying this is what I am.

Raekwon: Yo! Chilling with the Caesar cool, reefer smoke all in the hole,
its how many niggas with guns got them on
All tip top, clean to the fullest, madd bullets, this is a hobby! The lobby
where they clap you with hoodies.
Get the paper, word to everything we gonna ink her up, barbeque in like a
month you ain't taking nothing
The high tech extremist, Gatorade pager,voice some money to get up on
the low, swinging beamers
I need to be an accent, instead ide rather be in Hempstead all of my bread
came from crack
Poppas and shoppers, so much beef, we use whoppers, guns that will
knock out floors and hit choppers
What? What? The family remains, cause its clean its automatic, I live it
and I claim it, its real,
Come around here you bow here, you let that hat tip, and you will get
wrapped with.

VOICE 2: Ah yo, we hug the block on Presidents' Day, slinging all year
round we got the money the American way
Might run up in your wedding grab the reverend and spray, and let the
shots go wherever they may,
This is family nigga, minus the mar ties, the resurrection of Tony Starks,
the tight D starting in point 5
Niggas would rather die when their prides in question, playing hero
getting stuck for their prized possession
Look who's staring at the eyes of depression, that's why I ride with
protection, extended clip super sizing my weapon
5'11 keep the heat tucked, that will burn a hole through you stomach like
acid reflux, get buried in your cheap tux
we make it hard for you niggas to keep up, went through 100 towns and
running beating the streets up,
Come up north in New York, down in Miami, pumping, at the table
breaking bread with my family

Voice 3: Florida, where we follow the color of our streets and, breaking
the beats and, we taking the east
Never the least, we invading the street, shaking the beasts, we familiar for life!
We don't run we grab knifes, my double S spit life, my dogs is real tight
at shooting the dice
Some of my fam might snatch your ice, got family that go to church,
come back I can sell work
Got family that will set you up, got family that chill want to spark a Dutch,
I got fam that will stuck you up, got fam that will fuck you up,
Chop you up put your body in the back of the truck, other side of the island
we been wilding! See the violence, we just spray the talent, expect
balance, this is Shaolin!


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