作詞D.Coles, J.Yancy, J.Baylor, L.Ingram, J.Nothern, R.Stewart
作曲D.Coles, J.Yancy, J.Baylor, L.Ingram, J.Nothern, R.Stewart
Verse 1:
Picture me snotty nose
Sitting on my aunts lap
The kid like five or six
Shit I would curse back
Got it from the older folks
Sitting in the living room
Everybody had cups
Stylistic song boom
And then came down bang light the reefer up
Baby caught a contact
I'm trying to tie my sneaker up
Missing all the loop strings
Going in the wrong hole
Feels like I'm wobbling
Look at all these afros
Soon as I thought I was good
The joke's on me heard a voice get in the room
I get angry stomp my feet caught a tantrum
Spit scream fuck that
Mamma shakes me real hard
Then get the big gat
That's called a belt help me as I yell
I'm in the room like heh heh heh with mad welts
Ragged out bad belt
Yes her presence was felt
Then get my black ass in the bed
Its time to crash out
Pass out
Take me across the lap
She use to whip me with a strap
When I was bad

Verse 2:
Despite the alcohol
I had a great old mama
She famous for her slaps
Until this day she's honored
When I was a little dude
Her son was a little rude
I Pluck the peas from the plate
And pour juice on the nigga food
Get beat then run told grandma
My mama hit me up for no reason
She whipped me hard when I finished eating
Felt that belt stinging
When I wet that bed
Hid my draws and start crying
When she felt that bed
Caught another when I told her
Those the fake Pro-Keds
I'm in the corner weaving and screaming
Trying to block my head
Now a days, kids don't get beat
They get big treats
Fresh pair of sneakers
Punishment is like having seats
Back then when friends and neighbors
Would bust that ass
And bring you to your mamma
Yo she got the switch in the stash
That's back to back beating
Only went outside for free lunch
With welts in my leg still leaking, Yo
Chorus 2xs


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