作詞Randle, Jones
作曲Randle, Jones
Ghostface: Yo, that's soul right there don't touch that radio.
Kid: Fuck you!
Ghostface: What you just say?
Kid: hut the fuck up
Ghostface: C'mon. C'mon before I beat your little ass, you little sucker
Kid: Get your ass off the couch!
Ghostface: Get out of here before I turn you to your mom. It's my couch!
Your mom know you talk like that?
Kid: You're not my daddy!
Ghostface: I'll knock your daddy out!
Kid: He'll fuck you up!
Ghostface: Punk ass daddy, you still got a little bit, you got a lot of
problems you know that?
Lady: Is everything ok in there?
Ghostface: Yeah everything alright in here, we're just chilling. Some
waters. Back to you you little motherfucker I should have punched your
Kid: Go ahead motherfucker!
Ghostface: Yeah! I'm a punch the shit out you. I'm going to get my son to
whoop your ass!
Kid: Bitch ass nigga, eat a Dick!


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