作詞D.Coles, P.Phillips, C.Woods, H.David, B.Bacharach
作曲D.Coles, P.Phillips, C.Woods, H.David, B.Bacharach
I'm in the crib watching Larry King live
The two Gucci's in the refridgerator smoking some Cush this nigga a lie
a switcher For coming a roach
Go get the glass ashtray
Poured a glass of Crew tap the bottle and toast Barbie took a sip of the
Yeah my son soon to be three try to fill his bottle and run
Than I got a collect call heard niggas down the block is fighting
Some nigga got knifed up brawling
Heard the kid was 19 little Infinity too
His father work up at the dealer he love Wu
They shot him for his Louies
Son wasn't having it though
Yeah yeah my nigga the color of glue
Decided I'm going to intervene
Guess who tried to wild on me my nigga
This is like out of the blue
I'm in a range strapped jumped out tuck the chain proceeded to talk to him
Than you heard the heavy face slap
Think I broke my wrist
Now I'm at the hospital vex
Fucked up my writing hand that's my check
Now I want to kill this little nigga true
Only thing stopping my gun from flaming cause he related to you

Who he ain't related to me but shit I knew him for like 18 years
Until he violated stealing my gear
My little homey yo he eat anything for me send him uptown
He get bag yo he never call me come home and still blow cats for me
Pump crack stabbing all them hood rat shorties
A live gun slinger well known born to dance when the heat is on
Stapleton day shot himself in the groin the gun went off
It looked like a flick when he fell to the floor
Holding his nuts screaming god damn it
Shit I put one in my balls what the fuck y'all looking at me for
Call the police do something motherfucker standing around
Watch when I get better all hell's going to be terror
Death to you you he pointed at Brad
I said chill that's fam duke he put real work in
That makes you puke fuck that but anyway son a thief
He stole two Polo rugbies
Swore to his dead mother
I couldn't take it yo lord I knocked out his teeth
Now he rocking those false joints like everything's peace


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