作詞D.Coles, L.Brown, A.Posey, J.Powell
作曲D.Coles, L.Brown, A.Posey, J.Powell
While in Bolivia, Tony Starks has bumped head with drugs**** Colombo
and moved over 10 pounds of raw fishscale..

1st verse:
I smell the coke cooking, got the glove with the eagle in the safe
We drove the basehead, surprised him with the first taste
He reached for his pipe
Pull the sleeves up, told em it was no cut to be careful
He took a hit window down,
His head hit the table
A few rocks fell out his pipe
He bleeding fatel, he smile like its alright
Told Trife to get her some ice
Raekwon keep your eye on his wife
Tell her to chill
Feed her some white, I heard a knock 3 times
Nervous me drop the raw,
Ol dirty drop his draw

He put his fronts back
And Snatch up his coke napkin
With thick spots hanging from his nose
That was your bitch on the floor
Laughing goodness gracious
Tony got to put away the frosted flakes
Your killing us, our residue from the last batch
We all was straight, got my son check spend five
Stayed in the house, Look I lost weight


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