作詞D.Coles, J.Yancy, R.Barrett
作曲D.Coles, J.Yancy, R.Barrett
1at Verse:
She turned around and there's a grown lady
Said Hi
I was quite stunned from the way she reply
Peace nice to meet you
Sweetie call me Tony Starks
Ghost if you like to
Mind if I invite you
Over for some Red Wine
Nice Barry White huh...
She pulled out a cigarette
Hun here's a lighter
Her voice was a slow jam
Full length like me
Hell of fine
With a beauty mark on her right cheek
The way she spoke
Her smoke floated when it left her throat
Spell homey when she blew it out
It turn the water word
I was infatuated
She put the perfume to her neck
And sprayed it
Plus the bottle was nickel plated
It make a young girl steer yo feel out-dated
And know the married chicks shopping with there man
Hate it

One stone on her finger was green
Maybe line, cover girl lipstick
Plump color finger tips
Rub along face blush
05 6 shit the ashed was hanging of a stog
So she flicked damn
Had to bundle up I caught goose bumps
Plus the wind chill factor had drop
Yo here the bus come
I never rush one
Here take my number miss I live alone
Her face fell when I drop the chrome
Damn can I have your number?


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