KILO feat.Reakwon

アーティストGhostface Killah, Reakwon
作詞D.Coles, J.Connoy, C.Woods
作曲D.Coles, J.Connoy, C.Woods
Yo, yo O? Yo Ray? I can't feel my face.
My heart pounding and shit
Paranoid as a motherfucker right now
Yo who the fuck yo close them blinds and shit.
Who that? Captian Kirk? The fuck is this the star enterprise, enterprise? The
Enterprise shit is outside and shit?
Oh, I need some pussy right now, I'm ready to fuck cat woman or
Something. Fuck it fuck it let's go!


All around the world today, the kilo is a measure
Whoever got the kilos got the candy man
A kilo is a thousand grams, it's easy to remember
You'll never catch the kid going hand to hand.
All around the world today, the kilo is a measure
Once you got the funds you got the panties man
A kilo is a thousand grams, easy to remember
Throughout the I95 I'm a handy man

Verse 1:Ghostface
Some say a drug dealers destiny is reaching a key
I rather be the man behind the door supplying the streets
100 birds go out looking like text books
When they wrapped and stuff 4 days later strait cash 2 million bucks
Strictly powder no cut, your coke is valid what's up
Ya'll beefing over little shit, we swift the balance went up in a
pent house office or a warehouse
Tony got it nice we never heard of any big drouts
A kilo is a thousand grams a pile of sand is equivilant to the eye,
its nice to have a thousand fans
Coke buyers some be lyers, therefore you check for wires
Dedicated dealers, durring holidays we give em lighters


Verse 2: Raekwon
Peace to those cooking that raw
Powder white get your sniff on
Scarface niggas we getting right
Some call it bricks some call it birds
How Many niggas get they lives took and playing with shit then catch a curb
You will go to jail, get caught with this, niggas will grow to fail
Stop playing pot slaying baking soda and scales
They live like brothers, word like connect discover
Most niggas get hard for fucking with them pipes and hustlers
A kilo is a thousand grams; you know your ammo better be heavy
Cause soon kids is are coming in cammo
Protect you land daddy, I'm an announcer
You get caught with an ounce its over, matter fact they taking you down son!



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