作詞Kelly Jones.
作曲Jones, Jones, Cable
we wait to wake
to get a ride in the rain
buy a ticket they can check we can claim
so we don't spend what's our own for a seat
a place to stop a green light a red cross
they run around naked
doing old things like the ones before
wait for a break
so you can take a little something
that'll make your next break
come along a little quicker than the one before
wait for an answer
spy a sweet dancer
as she walks from the door of the hall
wish you waited for your wedding vows

so hurry up and wait
but what's worth waiting for?

we wait to get warm
the car starts from cold stall to make a first move
magazines made the rules to make us lose
wait for your dream
man the house you could both plan
the car in the sales ad
the wet dream with the man
you wished that you had

a watched pot never boils
sugars seconds to dissolve see
your appetite lost foods
relevance is lost inside

so hurry up and wait
but what's worth waiting for?

so join the queue me and you
wait in line
it takes our time to be satisfied


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