Good Girl

作詞Akiko Yano
作曲Akiko Yano
When I was eight years old,
Riding on a train with my mom.
I saw a ramp between the cars
It whispered in my ear
"Come over dear, step on me and dance with me."
My mom shouted,
"Don't ever do that, get off sweetheart!"
But I swayed myself to the rhythm of the train, on the ramp
Together we headed for the sea.

When the night fell in Tokyo
I felt like I could do whatever I wanted.
A red shiny fire alarm on the wall gave me a wink and said,
"Come over here and press me!"
My boyfriend grabbed my hand and said,
"Don't ever do that, you don't want to be busted, do you?"
But eventually that blazing sound traveled all over the world.

You're a good girl.

I tell you truth.
I was a liar.
To the trees I saw
To a lady at the station

Like they say,
"Look! How little a fire it takes to set
so great a woodland on fire!"
After I burnt everything, I asked you,
"Would it be too late to call you?"
And you said,
"No, dear. It's not too late."
You're a good girl. I know that.
You're a good girl. yes, you are.

You're a good girl.


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