作詞金井政人, リアド偉武
"Leaving your dream on the pillow you hold, where are you heading for?"
An old man told a little boy living in the small cage
"Is it the world that's boring you or is it you who's boring the world?"
They didn't know each other
But the boy listens to his attractive words

Get your hands up, and breathe in the air deeply inside
And besides clap your hands to this groove proudly
Feel that you are alive and standing here
If you have love then you give it a 10
Then you should give back with honesty over 11
The world would change to Eden

Days passed by, the boy met an empty man dried up
He was going to throw away his life, as he lost his love
"The reason that you are very sad now, is the answer she gave"
Like the water seeping in to the desert
The words touched his heart

Future will not wait for you
Don't be afraid of freedom
The past is watching over you
Don't be afraid to love someone
We can live only today
All of them became on one line
Where are you going today?


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