Maybe I Like (Original Mix)

I like a dark sky and a dry ground
I like a park in the night
I like black coffee in the morning
I like stew my mama makes

I like France especially Paris
I like going shopping by motorbike
I like eating even if I'm full
I like noodles my papa makes

why do I feel this way
whenever I see you
maybe it's your way
that bothers me, yeah!!

I like the saying Simple is the best
I like music, singing a song
I like gold fish in a water tank
I like Imogen, her voice is cool!

Have I known you too long to show my emotions?
Although I know what you want to say

I don't care what the weather is・・・
but I just don't wanna disappear
It's painful cause you're so close
I can't tell you how I feel
I know eveything about you
I know your history well too
Don't you think it's about time
please come close to me

I like... I like...
I like... I like...
I like...
I like everything,
mayby you too!!


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