I won't be caught living in a dead end job
While praying to my government guns and god
Cause it's us against them
We're here to represent
The spit right in the face of the establishment

And now I don't believe
In having faith in nothing
Stand on my own
And got not sympathy
Wasting the youth
While being young and useless
Speak for yourself
And don't pray for me

Because we're doing fine and we don't need to be told
That we're doing fine and we won't give you control
And we don't need anything from you
'Cause we'll be just fine and we won't be bought and sold
Just like you

(a call across the underclass)
Calling out loud with no respect
I'm not the one I'm just another reject
I'm the voice to offend
All those who pretend
Unsung against the grain I'm here to rise against

And now I'm desensitized
I state my place in nowhere
Burning the flag of the degeneration
Everyone sing the anthem of no future
Down with the mass cause we're not listening

We're the saints of degeneration
We don't owe anyone an explanation
F**k elitists we don't need this
We're the elite of just alright


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