I Fell in Love With The DJ

Che'Nelle got a story for ya
For the ladies
Sing it with me now

I fell in love with the DJ (DJ)
(Sneak)Sneaking round the back door
Banging til we hear somebody say ooh ooh ooh
I fell in love with the DJ (DJ)
(Get)Getting intoxicated every weekend
He make my heart ooh ooh ooh

Walked into the club with my partner
Met up saying hello to everyone there
Looked to my right, Mr.DJ
Blew me a kiss I tripped and I fell
He called me over knowing that I'm taken
So I went over thinking he just a friend
One thing led to another
My boyfriend put two and two together,Ha

Rough and tough man Mr.DJ
I can't say no when he whispers my place
Gotinto my ride told my man go home
I'll be back as soon as I take my girls home
I rock up to Mr.DJ's house
He stood at the door only in his towel
One thing led to another
He rip my clothes off altogether

Oh NO did I tell ya how the story ends
When my boyfriend followed me one night
Oh no-Did I tell ya
Came through the door with a knife in his hand
I turned around screaming,shocked and said that
We were just friends
But I wast ripping on my words
I was making it so obvious
But thank the Lord that I had a CD in my hand
Just dropping of fmy new track sweetie

Yeah I got man but Mr.DJ,Mmph,
But the DJ,Mr.DJ make heart go ooh ooh ooh
ha ha


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