"Libera me"from hell

作詞Tarantura, Traditional
Requiem aeternam. Dona eis, Domine
Libera me, Domine, morte aeterna,
in die illa tremenda. in die illa
Quando coeli movendi sunt et terra,
Dum veneris judicare
s ae culum per ignem.
Tremens factus sum ego et timeo,
dum discussio venerit atque ventura ira.
Dies illa, dies irae,
dies illa dies magna
et amara valde. et amara valde
Requiem ae ternam, dona eis Domine
Requiem ae ternam, dona eis Requiem
et lux perpetua luceat eis
Libera me, Domine.
Libera me, Domine

do the impossible
see the invisible
raw! raw!
fight the power!

touch the untouchable
break the unbreakable
raw! raw!
fight the power!

what you gonna do is what you wanna do
just break the rule, then you see the truth
this is the theme of "G"coming through baby!
raw! raw!
fight the power!

power to the peeps, power for the dream
still missing piece scattering, so incomplete
we be the most incredible soldier from underground
see how easy, they all fall down
digging to the core to see the light
Let's get out of here babe, that's the way to survive
top of the head, I'm on the set
do the impossible, don't you wanna bet?
cuz, a lot of things changed, we be waiting in vain

if you wann aget by, no pain no gain
wow! fakers wanna test me again
(damn! Suckers wanna test me again)
sorry, my rhyme's gonna snatch your brain
we gonna make it happen with the crazy rap
(I'm still starving for the straight up shit)
we gonna make it happen with the crazy rap skill (shit)
get ready to rumble, now is the time
if you don't know, now you know

(good luck fellows! ha ha)

2nd verse dedicates to the real peeps
what we got to say is so real thing
(what we got to say is damn real thing)
cuz, revolution ain't never gonna televise
kicking the mad flow, microphone phenotype
(kicking the dope shit, microphone phenotype)
open your third eye, seeing through the overground
I'm about to hit you with the scream
from the under ground
whole city is covered with the cyber flavor
"G" is in your area, one of the toughest enigma


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