I Hate Love

作詞Krystle Johnson, Ronald Jackson, Maurice Simmonds, Shama E. Joseph, Terrence Rowe
作曲Krystle Johnson, Ronald Jackson, Maurice Simmonds, Shama E. Joseph, Terrence Rowe
I don't want 2 do it no more
I don't even wanna see nobody in love
I'm tellin you
I think that I hate love
I think, I think I hate love, I think that

I think so, No I Know
Ever since you had the balls to walk out my door
And ever since you thought it was okay to go
And never say that four letter word no more
My hearts on the floor, my face lost it's glow
The clothes, the cars, the ice, keep all your dough
So I'm calling just to let you know the lesson
I learned is so valuable

So I just run away from love
I hate the word just because
Love it what its cracked up 2 be
Love ain't shit 2 me, I think that

When it comes to love ain't supposed to be hatin
Ain't supposed to be waiting, Tony Hawk and
I'm skatin just to get away from the achin
To get away from the patience cause I ran outta that
You soft alone but big shot with your mans in the back
Couple in the bag hit the club with my divas
Your friends said I did you wrong but you chose to believe them
Instead of coming to me you went and got a sideline,
so I had to put you on the sideline, this is what it is

Now I'm sitting getting mad just thinking about what happend
Between me and you that had us both moving backwards
Guess it was a case of opposites not attracting cause this is
now a ship that has only one captain...just me
So your stuffs in the hall so I'm moving it all
No more staying up late and nice till two in the morning losing
my sleep to see if you come through the door
This is the shit that my heart cant go through it no more

L is for lying, O is for over, V vacating everything I showed ya X2


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