作詞Krystle Johnson, Ronald Jackson, Terrance Rowe
作曲Krystle Johnson, Ronald Jackson, Terrance Rowe
Movin my hips dancin on the floor homie all up on me like
he don't want me to go dancin to the music grindin all slow
I'm like whoa whoa oh I think he likes me grippin on my curves
like he driving on a highway (hmmm) he told me
I can have it my way (hmmm) talking bout things he wanna buy me
said that he heard I like nice things said a nice chain nice watch
nice ring I'm like boo please you can't buy me I get my own green
so don't even try me (then he said)

Baby you ain't gotta go you ain't gotta leace you ain't goin home
are you coming with me you know you like it taht girl you said
I like it like what boy you gotta crush I know you wanna
crush boy you gotta crush I know you wanna crush

Round number two doin what I do brand new dew tan blue shoe when
I see another one come from behind me as he gets closer
I can see him eyein me then we start grindin kinda like the clipse
whispered in my ear while he lickin on his lips like (hmmm)
then he said he wanna taste me (hmmm) you better get outta my face
"b" then he says mommy you should not fight this I can see you
leaving her with me like a physic me being me I jus flip out
my sidekick no numbers baby you can hit me on my myspace baby

Pat pat pat it down girl
Pay pat pat it down x2

Momma gave it to you so girl you gotta flaunt it and that's
why they tryna jump on it put it in his face make him and his dude
want it as soon as he get close jus tell em he can't touch hands
on his chest like baby now that enough but he gone keep trying
cause baby he got a crush they love u when they think they taking
you home but they calling you out your name as soon as you say no



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