Losing Control

作詞Krystle Johnson, Ronald Jackson, Greg "G Money" Gibson, Michael Mavrolas
作曲Krystle Johnson, Ronald Jackson, Greg "G Money" Gibson, Michael Mavrolas
Hit the dance floor like it's my sh*t,
Hit the dance floor like it's my sh*t X2

I'm losing control like my minds on a drug like the music
in my soul I could never let it go (give me that pick me up)

Losing control like a car collision need
a rehab like a drug addiction

It's the one and only poster girl roc a mic roaster girl
hot spitter ak s dot entertainment world
I rip beats to the tempo of the beat stop protools
hate me I put snares in a head lock
You can never find a chick as hot as me
5'3 brown eyes no Aksent she's not me
I'm the difinition of what's original I grind till
my checks says 7 zeros before the decimal
1,2,3,4,5,6...get it? I'm rich
Its too easy baby yeah its young ak with the solid
gold flow but I'm looking like plat-num
Make em dance like a Jackson say you had that
but you never had this one
Juke its another son its rare how you prepare
the snares with the kick drum
I swear I dare yall chicks try to get
some another amber alert she ended
up missing (are you not entertained? 2X)

Burning hot yeah you love my style
Lit my wrist up cause I rock my style
Get it, it sits on ya mind like fitted
The metaphors is sick I got pills with it
Give it to you fast or slow ask ya bro
I got monopoly do not pass go
'Cause you can get it quicker than a new York minute
Yeah man, ya girl is in on a mission (ticking sound)
Time and you ain't never seen money like this
Threw the porch in my mouth I range roved the wrist
Hit the dance floor like that's my sh*t
They moving to the beat like that's another hit
It's the a to the K to the female j to the
I can't help it I'm always on my way to the b.a.n.k
I'm paving my way so bow to ya girl like they do a sensei
(It's Aksent the baddest?? Shownuff!!)



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