What should I do?

New day comes again
and I go to your town
Singing a song together
Makes me smile

I keep holding on
I don't give it up
I wish you're not alone
Just pray so

I don't know why I have to feel this way
It's really very hard to live a normal life

I don't pick my words
Just wanna sing the truth
Bad news on TV
But I don't care

My senses will go numb in such a lonely world
Well maybe we are too used to this messed up world

What should I do to live a peaceful day?
I need to find a simple way
I wanna go back to the old days
Just wanna break away
I need to live carefully
I see too many shocking things
But we need to protect the right to live
The world is shit anyway

But I feel that I found the right way to go now
We were born without knowing
And there's no way to save us
Yes I am in despair, the world will never change
Contradiction never dies
But it's ok
I'm ok
It's not that we have to get rid of such a world,
but to figure out how to work with it


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