Last Train

Today's the day to carry out a plan
I'll finally escape from my saturated life today

I don't know what is going on today
But somehow I feel that my answer isn't here

I try to smile but I can't remember how
I don't know
Please tell me, how'd I become so jaded?

Sometimes I feel like I might be dead soon
But I know that it gave me something to believe

Though I don't know how my life will end,
I never wanna be a slave
'Cause there is always the chance to change
I guess it's up to you

I'm waiting for my dawn
I'm dreaming of freedom
Nobody knows my worries
No need to understand me
I break away my worries

It's time to say goodbye
I'm not afraid of you
I need to walk away
'Cause I don't wanna be a lier
If I cannot live my life,
I am as good as dead

I'm trying to be a better person
I will get on the train
I don't wanna become a slave
I will live for myself
I'm trying to be another me
'Cause I won't lose my life
My life will succeed
I'll reach my goal

My new story
My life is just about to start


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