repeat -Deep Forest Remix-

作曲Kazuya Takase
I left my body on the ground
And I though, I would be in heaven
But I am still wondering in the darkness
Deep darkness I never got used to

Why me? Do I have to go there now?
Looks like there was misunderstanding
Is there anymore in here?
I can't stand to be in here anymore

I had everything over wanted
I even gave out chance to the poor

Come here and show me your face
Please don't burn me anymore

I thought it was over by now
But I am still in the hell of guit
I scream to the end of universe
But there is nothing to reply my soul

Why me? I cannot understand
I was good in the capitalism

Someone, please get me out of here
I can't stand to be in the flame anymore

My soul is still wounded
Tears have become the raring river
I can do it over again
Was it me that made the fire?

Now I met you again
Please don't leave me keep holding my hand
No way,you are not going down
I won't let anyone go down
Sun and rainbow in the sky
We can change and hold a peace of mind
Now I'm with you again
I would live thinking about you


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