作詞Ailani, 篠田朋子, Shakespeare,Cicero
Tu fui ego eris ,Odi et Amo
Tempus est quaedam pars aeternitatis

Domina omnium et regina ratio est
The web of our life is of a mingled yard
Legitimate and vile gathered
None of less how beauteous mankind is

Wee,both in the Catacombe
Estranged from the Salvation
Grif thyself ,Thy pleasant past days neer revive
Thy silent dewe shedd exhausted

Gracious the liberation,Thou art not bandage but conqure
Lipp dip on strange crimson fruit,
Gout of sweet honey sweet

Utinam tam facile vera invera possem quam facile convincere

Light,seeking light doth light of light beguile
You shew no thawn
The dust of flower petals ,unspoken
It doth not leave no trace to posterity

Sneer at loud at thy flesh thorn
Pick up thine incarnadine Crowne
Stuggle writhe even though Darkness unshaken off trash
Hideous trash

Praise thy thirst as bodie desious
Plenty water meet thine a demand
Full the thirst as much to drown make amends for Hollow


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