作詞Yoshie Nakano
作曲Yoshie Nakano, Masaki Mori
You tried to appease yourself with lie
Don't worry let me watch you.
Are you down about it? you say love is pass time、 time pass
What a pity! but it's true.
sometimes love is expressed by means of a lie.

l long for that day・
I struggled to make myself free.
Sittin' in the clouds thinking of you all day long・
Winter's coming the ground is getting cold.
Lovers' night is stealing in'

Your season passes away too soon like time
So I'm thinking of you all day long
If I let a few minutes spill, but it's alright.
Time gently erodes memories.

You say you believe the things you see you feel some pretty
So everything tells you. I'm feeling all day long
Hard times may fall on us tomorrow
Let's find the key named a lie
touch my heart touch my soul
and l trust l'm sure l see you forever.


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