アーティストFire Bomber American
作詞Melodie Sexton
Sometimes we may lose
the power from within
Feeling restless of the world we're in
Thinking what can we do
seems prayers never get through
on this lifes merry-go-round

Don't ever forget that life has its ups and downs
But don't give in to the downs you've been thrown

Love will save your heart
In times you feel alone
Theres a soothing light,
coming from up above
Love will save this world
Its power will take flight
It will lead us to a brighter day

As I walked around looking in the sky
found only sadness
but it made me smile
Cause I know that on this long and lonely road
I'll get through, I'll reach higher ground

I'll be with you always I heard the spirit say
happiness is not so faraway

Love will save your heart
You'll never be alone
cause I'll be around to shield you from the storm
Love will save this world
It's essence will survive
It will give you strength to light the light

know that you were put here
to fulfill your destiny
the right to the thrown
you must pursue

REPEAT X 2times


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