アーティストFire Bomber American
作詞Melodie Sexton
Wondering to myself when can I see you again
On submarine street I watch for you to come again

We travel through this world alone
With the pain that turns pure hearts to stone
But my lonely throughts return to you
Wondering if you feel the same way to

Oh I'm dying to see you
I can't take the pain-not being with you
I'll keep calling to you
I'll never give up-Till I find you

Someday I want to look in your eyes
And hold you till you realize
This is the only place that you should be
Spending your time with me

I'll never be satisfied, till I know just where you are
I need to have you with me, taking care of my true heart

Though we pass each other everyday
I can never think of words to say
That will make you want to turn and stay
As I'm screaming out your name and I say

I am dying to see you
I want to make you mine-my love devine
I've been waiting for you
But time goes on and on-my chances are few

I believe that you're my destiny
I can satisfy your every need
Waiting for you down on submarine street
Wanting you to be my love

Down on submarine street
Down on submarine street


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