アーティストFire Bomber American
作詞Melodie Sexton
Its a new time yeah It's Saturday night
Feel the movement get ready to fight
Stand up take your time and do it right

Lets circle round this flying paradise
Don't lose your power, Don't forget your might
Now hurry up
Feel the power in your life

No more wasting time
Let your dreams make everything alright
Don't give up your dance
You just take a chance and feel the dreams

Hey Everybody
Choose the way you make your stance
You take my hand and
Were dancin' on the Planet Dance

Everybody may just turn around
but its wrong Don't let them bring you down
No Thanks
So bad sometimes it makes me frown
Well its a new day you can make it right
You can bring happiness into your life and
In my heart
I believe that you can stand and fight

No more wastin love
Theres a power that comes from above
Watching every more
Everything you do
So make your move

Hey Everybody
Now's the time to show your right
Temperatures rising
Jumpin on the Planet Dance



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