アーティストFire Bomber American
作詞Melodie Sexton
The moon is rising to begin another night
TONIGHT, TONIGHT - were gonna make our move
The stars are shining as they sparkle in your eyes
SIGN OF THE TIMES - this times For you

Dazzle me with your night moves
As we turn to the music
Finding mystery in the pounding grooves
as our spirit grows

HOLY LONELY LIGHT - you can it, just believe your invinsible
HEAVY LONELY LIGHT - find the answer, then just take a chance

I'll be there

Even if the world were mine I wouldn't give away my love
I'm not the kind, to say love has a price
Cause I don't know what you're telling me
If the feelings real inside
Is it truth or lies, I'm not for wasting time


HOLY LONELY LIGHT - search for it, reach out to the starry sky
HEAVY LONELY LIGHT - when I find it, Won't look back I'll start
to fly

Take to the air

REPEAT ~ Take to the air

Don't Look Back Again....... REPEAT OUT


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