Each day, she thanks the sun for its very precious
For blessing her with its warmth, protecting her from harm,
Each night, she thanks the sky for its gentle silence
For holding her in its arms, for placing her in calm

And I, wanna thank her for giving me a chance to stay
Now that I found my reasons
And I, wanna thank her for giving me a chance to say
I do, I believe, now I can picture my own visions

You have given me,
A life that lives in me, like love in the breeze
What I see in you, illuminates the truth
A view to realize that life is beautiful

Each time, I looked into the mirror and I found a spot of fear
I had been cheating my life, vanity in these eyes
Reached out, into my heart full of faded memories and shed tears
There was nowhere to hide, needed someone to guide

And she, forgave me for everyone I betrayed
I'd hurt so many feelings
And she, forgave me for everything I said along the way
And then showed me, that to Love is to Forgive

You have given me
A Light that shines in me, a passage to reach
What i see in you, a reflection of my own
A power to move on, and bring life to anew

Daybreak, the Ray of Light watches over me
covers my shoulders and will fly over me
So now that I know, I wanna share this simple joy with you
I wanna Pass On this Love to You


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