Ocean Apart

作詞Aaron Messisco
作曲Aaron Messisco
I've been up all night trying to make this love song for you
you say that the words I wrote were meant for another girl

well let's reminisce from the top of the list
all the reasons I can't let you go
from that fist kiss to the day you got pissed
cuz I forgot to give you a doll

I can't believe it's been 3 years
since the day I met you
on the beach you smiled at me
I didn't know what to do

true our fist date seemed like a big mistake
all my actions were too fast for you
you called me a fiuke and you went on your way
but I won't forget that night with you

the way you jumped into my arme
right in the backseat of my car
I won't forget the way you looked
so beautiful yet mysterious to me
I wish that night would of never turned to day

you and I we act like we're only 17
you call me "bear" and I call you "my princess bady"
the ocean keeps us apart but we know that one day
we'll be together and everything will be ok.....

everything will be ok!

I'm sorry, so sorry
I can't hold you when you sleep tonight
but don't worry, don't worry
I swear I'll always be your side


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