作詞B.Steinberg, J.Alexander, J.Levesque
作曲B.Steinberg, J.Alexander, J.Levesque
I think I could like you. I already do
Feelings can grow but they can go away, too
You're taking my hand and looking into my eyes
Don't be in a rush to get me tonight

I feel something happening. Could this be a spark?
To satisfy me baby, you gotta satisfy my heart

Do you know how to touch a girl?
If you want me so much, first I have to know
Are you thoughtful and kind?
Do you care what's on my mind?
Or am I just for show?
You'll go tar in this world
If you know how to touch a girl

I think I could like you. But I keep holding back
'Cause I can't seem to tell if you're fiction or fact
Show me you can laugh, show me you can cry
Show me who you really are deep down inside

Do you feel something happening? Could this be for real?
I don't know right now, but tonight will reveal

Repeat Chorus

Bring me some flowers
Conversation for hours
To see if we really connect
And baby if we do, ooh!
I'll be giving all my love to you

Repeat Chorus


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