I waited for her at the station.
I was sick of this time.
Whenever train passed away.

What on earth do you mean today?
She has a lot of nerve.
I can't realize what she thought.

How long I wait for?
So it hurt my feelings.
I had finished reading comics.
She has run up with her smile.
Then I wave my hand all smile.
This is the place where you come around.

I guess she is happy cause of holiday.

"What do you want to eat tonight?"
She said "up to you"
I had taken her where I want to go.

"I feel not much interest in eating here.
I amaze at her complaint.
In spite of I ask her sometime ago.

How long did I walk about?
So it's hurt my feelings.
I was tired of walking around.
She had talked to me with her smile.
Answer with all smile.


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